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07-06-2005, 07:54 PM
I promise I do have a question but feel I must quick prep for optimal advice! Here goes...

I am set up to direct a DOC starting July 22. It is a story inspired by a fifteen year old Kid named Darius, who has Muscular Dystrophy and has never left the state of GA. He along with myself and ten close friends are taking him across country in a wheelchair accessible RV (3 weeks) to see sights such as the grand canyon, Las Vegas, and a even a wheelchair accessible hot air balloon ride in San Diego. if interested...Our full itenerary and other details can be found on our website Dariusgoeswest.com

The mission of our trip is to reach L.A. where we hope to get Darius on MTV's Pimp my ride. We want them to pimp his wheelchair! Besides humor/excitement the involvement of the "pop" show is a calculated hook to bring mainstream attention of MD to a mainstream generation who has no idea who Jerry Lewis is, and also to to tell an against all odds story through the lense of friendship with a young hero that wants to bridge the gap between those in the MD community who do and do not support Jerry Lewis's methods.

Other themes are evaluating wheelchair accessibility across America, and of course to help our friend celebrate his life and it's quality with grace and excitement.

So that is the content...Here is what we are packing. Please let me know how you would approach the situation. Obviously portability is, and fluidity in transitions are key.

2 Dvx100a's (24pa the whole time, with recomended settings for hopeful film blow)
A small 3ccd camera as a fixed mount on Darius's wheelchair (he is proud to be the perfect dolly!) to function as "darius cam" for perspective.
UV filters
Circular polorizers
2 DVrigpros
I sitll want a car mount for RV...any recomendations
rain slicks for all
ND9 gels for RV windows
Sun gun for each camera
Thinking about getting a chimera(spell?) set up for possible light scenes?good idea?
(don't want to get too far into lighting because portability issues and I will rent for formal intvws after trip and I'm ignorant!)

Also considering wide angle lenses but matte box price is a problem and I feel naked not being able to at least put a polorizer on there for shots like grand canyon/hot air balloon. Advice?

2 month rental of zaxcom Deva 5 (portable 80gig multitracker (10 tracks) with over the shoulder bag and batteries)
1 denecke time code slate for TC reference
6 Senn ew100G2 wireless systems
Substituted the mics for the new "pin ons" available at coffey sound. Good mics?
2 Senn Mkh 416s
1 boom pole
2 Rycote wind screen systems w/ pistols

I took the multitracking route 1)because I got a good rental deal 2) because while I wanted audily capture the strength of friendship in this group of friends if the driver is swearing like a sailor and Darius is speaking in pearls I wanted volume control in post.

Okay...let me have it! What did I forget?

Thanks for replies. Sorry for the long post.

07-10-2005, 09:36 AM
oh yeah.and I have a 503 bogen tripod head but no legs yet. Anything?

07-10-2005, 01:24 PM
Looks pretty good... make sure one of your rigs is very portable and easy to use, might even try a camera mounted mic. This kind of doc requires flexibilty and sometimes you just dont have time to mic people up or get set-up... Have you contacted anyone at MTV? They may not even be shooting for that show, just have a back-up plan...

ash =o)

07-10-2005, 02:55 PM
Thanks for the reply. REALLY Long story with MTV ....but don't worry we have a great back up plan! Its more about the trip of course,
I here you on the flexibility. I plan for one camera to be able to put a MKH416 right into it and whether via pistol grip or boom gather the audio on the spot. I am afraid to put the 416 on camera because of sensitivity. What do you think Ash? Could I get away with it?

07-10-2005, 04:12 PM
Hey Ldogg,

I seem to remember talking to you about this project on forum several months back. Glad to see it is a green light. Your equipment package looks good. I would throw at least one more boompole in there, and make it a long one (16' or more).

Also, you might want to consider a hyper mic in addition to your 416's. Short shotguns don't work great indoors.

Beyond that I would say the 6 wireless might come up short, if you still got some budget room, I would get at least 2 more for safety and backup. Getting quick service on the road is difficult at best and wireless have a tendency to take a lot of abuse.

A NP-1 to power your wireless Rx might save you money on this size project.

Lastly, there is no such thing as too many batteries. :)

You probably should get some lights. Don't know how you plan to shoot this. But most "reality" type programs have the sit down interview/confessional where people get interviewed about the days events, etc. You will want to light that. Simple 3 point lighting will probably do.

Best of luck

07-10-2005, 06:12 PM
Hey Wabbit! Yeah I remember you too. you offered for us to stay at your house, wash our clothes, and cook us dinner right! Just kidding, but I sent you a private message before reading this. Check it out and let me know what you think if you have time.

The weird thing about the light kit is that we really won't have a place to set up, consistently, because the RV is really too small. I am going to try and gear the "confessional" type stuff to daylight situations or using reflectors over windows gelled with ND-9. I figure with some gorgous outside the window action people will forgive the on the road light difficulties. It also might make interesting juxtaposition. Any ideas otherwise? I love advice!

I have some important interviews set up with key Muscular D community figures set up which I will CERTAINLY three pt. light. They will happen after the trip though. Sound good?

What kind of hyper mic do you recommend?

Oh yeah... I am considering getting one light with a speed ring and a chimera (a lowell think) for multiple purposes. Think that is a good idea if I can only afford and only transport and only set up one light?

07-10-2005, 06:36 PM
I'll state (hopefully) the obvious which is a way to power the SunGun's from the DV Rig Pro. You'll need to add an Anton Bauer (or IDX, much better batteries, imo) battery mount, several batteries, and some quad chargers. I used a Frezzolini 20W on-board light (non-HMI) and a single Anton bauer would only give like a hour or so of juice. An HMI light (like your SunGun's) should be much better in terms of power consumption per watt, but still power should be a serious consideration when using those lights. Hope this helps and have fun!

07-10-2005, 07:04 PM
Thanks wells. I think having fun will be the easy part. It is actually the audio that I am fretting most about! (See my multiple audio posts recently) However for the sun guns I am not where they are (for model number) but they actually plug into this massive battery that you can where on your belt/Dv rig. It is a really cool gun with a diffusor and an outdoor filter. And for what this statement is worth it is also less expensive than the bauer. The diffusor can use some assistance so I think I will have some tough spun ready for attachment. it even has eyebrows!

07-11-2005, 04:59 PM
The Schoeps MK41 ($1350) is the best hyper (IMHO) and will match the 416 nicely.

I don't personally recommend but have heard good (not great) things from other sound guys for the AKG blue line hyper...the 93 cap I believe. It is much cheaper and still pretty good but obviously not near as good as the MK41 (again just passing on what I have heard from other guys who have used the blue line).