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08-28-2012, 08:33 PM
Practical analysis of the GC-PX10AC HD camera according to one machine

A high-definition cameras, JVC's GC-PX10AC known as "high-speed camera according to one machine." Indeed very much like a digital camera from the appearance point of view, it seems JVC dedicated to creating a functional emphasis on camera camera, we take a look at how its usefulness. Practical analysis of the GC-PX10AC HD camera according to one machine

GC-PX10AC camera appearance
GC-PX10AC appearance is a digital camera, but JVC to position it for the cameras, in fact, digital camcorders and digital cameras functions are combined, a different camera or photographic functions which is relatively strong and weak . For GC-PX10AC, overall it seems the camera function relative photographic, but the appearance point of view is the camera the appearance of production, and holding the machine the way, we can only take the camera to. to use. However, for shooting video, the method to get the camera to the camera, then, is also somewhat inconvenient.

GC-PX10AC the video capabilities
Say GC-PX10AC video capabilities, it is quite powerful. For example, you can shoot and record JULL HD 1920 * 1080P video, you can record video bit rate up to 36M, it can be said that at or close to professional standards. GC-PX10AC use lens Konica Minolta Sony G lens, indicating that with JVC and Sony, and the use of the image sensor is 1/2.3 inch Super LoLux ultra-low-light & back-illuminated CMOS This CMOS should also be manufactured by Sony. Piece of the image sensor 12 million pixels, the maximum sensitivity of ISO6400.
Other aspects of video recording, a continuous shooting speed of 50fps of 130 in 2.6 seconds, shooting 130 pictures, it is a high-speed photography is also OK, saying that is the camera, it seems that can also be simply because pictures of 8.3 million pixels, rather than the standard HD 1920 * 1080 video format image, from this point of view, is still positioned as a "burst" is more appropriate. Another feature of the JVC said, "Time-Lapse REC delay recording function, in fact, some professional cameras like the Sony EX1 in the interval shooting function. Some other such like "Smile Shutter" function, we can not say more, because in the past have been introduced.


The practicality of the GC-PX10AC
Taken together, GC-PX10AC mainly positioned in the consumer products. Compared with other manufacturers to join the senior secondary video capture function on a digital SLR camera, GC-PX10AC seems to be singing anti-tune is to engage in out of a camera for video capture, joined the auxiliary photographic "function, so, it is more compatible with the like to play with the camera man. In addition, GC-PX10AC the function, but also more suitable for sports such as through high-speed continuous shooting and later decompose and analyze the movements of athletes, so a number of sports coaches suitable for use GC-PX10AC.

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