View Full Version : Please vote for me at the NexTV Web Series Competition

07-25-2012, 12:47 AM
Hello DVX community...I've previously posted about our web series Clutch ( http://clutchtheseries.com ) here, and I appreciate all of the feedback.

If you could take 2 minutes of your time to help us out by voting for us at the NexTV Web Series Competition. If we get the most votes, we'll get to put our stuff in front of some industry heavyweights including the VP of Development at Lions Gate TV, Warner Bros and more. Apart from encouraging you to submit your work, for this round of competition, I wonder if you could vote for mine...

It's very simple. You don't need a login/to register in order to vote. You just need to go to the following link and Scroll down to Contestant #31 - Jonathan Robbins and CLICK VOTE.


Only one vote per person/IP address is accepted, so this should take you less time than it did to read this! Thankyou, very much.

Also, while I'm here...we're getting ready to shoot Season 2 and will be using the RED Scarlet (Season 1 was shot on dSLRs). The workflow is already giving me a headache, but I'm so in love with some of the things about that camera...