View Full Version : Attention New York Filmmakers -- screen your film for free this Saturday!

07-17-2012, 08:11 AM
My name is Dan Owens and I used to frequent these boards a lot. More as a lurker than anything else (see my post count). I learned a ton here and I'm always pointing new people to these boards when they need help building a knowledge base. My thanks goes out to the pros who helped guys like me out and continue to do so!

Anyhow, I wrapped post production a couple weeks back on a 10 minute short that I'm very proud of. Incidentally, it was shot by one of the all time legends of these here boards. I am screening the film this Saturday but I'd like to provide more entertainment to the audience than a whopping 10 minutes. I'd like to invite other filmmakers to screen their shorts alongside mine. Although I am paying to use the space, there is no cost to you. All I'm trying to do is gather some good films for the audience to see and make a few connections in the process!

We are screening this Saturday, July 21st at 8pm. The location is the Ida K. Lang Recital Hall at Hunter College (695 Park Avenue, Manhattan). The venue holds 148 people and has theater seating. Please get in touch with me ASAP if you're interested. You can respond here or contact me at danowens46@yahoo.com

Hope to hear from you,