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06-27-2005, 10:17 AM
I'm working on a new movie, filming starts tomorrow, so I thought i'd make a diary.

Sunday June 26
Crew got together to write outline of movie. here it is:

House Movie


Ambulance drives up, people come out, the passed out man on the stretcher has blood all over his head and body and a big wound on the side of his head. They bring him inside and cut to him in a room. Quiet and silent except for a clock ticking. He’s a vegetable, doctors try to talk to him, but he just sits there. Lots of close-ups on his eyes. Cut between the scene and flashbacks.

He locks his wife in basement, he lives in the corner of a room, no furniture in house, he tortures wife with his rows of knives on walls. Big ax, too. There’s a bat on the floor, the wife picks it up and slams him in the head, holding the knife, and he falls down and lands on his wife, killing her. He holds his bloody head, and stumbles out of the house. He collapses on the sidewalk somewhere.

A doctor comes in for his intravenous food shot. The doctor gets scared by a knock on the door and hits the wrong vein sending shock. The man freaks out and kills the two doctors. He runs down the hallway, lost, he runs out of the hospital.

He runs up to the house and enters it through a hatch on the porch and into the basement. SLAM! The hatch closes.


A couple of kids are walking on the sidewalk, they stop at the old house, and they look at it. A few other kids come by, tough looking, and taunt the kids, scaring them into thinking that it’s haunted. They dare them to stay the night. No! So they take the kids and lock them in the house.

Let us out! See ya tomorrow! Scared, house is dark, they turn lights on and it’s not THAT scary. They try the doors, but they’re all locked. They all sit on the floor in a living room of sorts. Talk a little bit. Hear a toilet flush. All four of them are there... so what was that? They go to see what’s up and they see blood on the toilet. What? Then they hear footsteps behind them. Maybe the blood was there before, they ignore it (kinda) and go downstairs, but there’s only three of them. What?

They look for him, cheap scare cause he was joking. Hahaha, then he gets pulled into the bedroom he was hiding in and the door closes. Screaming, door is locked. They struggle to open door and finally open it. There’s blood streaks on floor and bloody hand print on door knob. They gotta get him out, so they go down and grab a floorboard and use it as a weapon. One goes to the closet door, opens it, he’s gone. It’s empty. The others stay downstairs and hear footsteps and dragging. So they follow the sounds and see the basement door closing. They call the other friend down.

The door is locked. But one of them saw another way in, they go outside to the hatch, the same one the man went into. They end up in the basement. They see the friend and wife dead. There’s the bloody bat on the floor from the fight with the wife before. There are knifes on wall. The kids are freaking out. From the shadow comes the man he hits one of the remaining three kids on the head knocking him down. Shit!

There’s a struggle, one goes back to the hatch, the other runs up the stairs to the upstairs bedroom. The one who goes outside hears the kid who was hit on the head screaming and has to go back in. He finds a window, breaks it, and goes in. He goes up the freaky stairs, the man could be anywhere behind him. The friend hiding hears the noises and tenses up. He is hiding in a side room in a bedroom. The friend sees the other friend come in, comes out of hiding spot, they gotta get out. They start leaving, but the hiding kid sees the man and hides, the other kid gets it from the guy. The last kid is hiding in the bedroom now.

The man walks in the bedroom and looks right at where the kid is hiding. He strokes his knife as he waits for the kid to come out. Sure he could go in, but he’s waiting. There’s a noise in the hall, the man looks and gets hit in the head by the kid he just stabbed. The kid falls and pushes the knife deeper into himself, dying. The hiding kid jumps out and runs the man stabs him in the leg, nearly paralyzing it. The kid limps around the house, the man gets up and looks around, he is easy to find and the man knocks him out.

He wakes up in the basement next to his dead friends. The man takes an ax off the wall and slowly drags it toward the kid (extremely tense) the kid is screaming the whole time. The kid looks around and grabs the bat (the one that gave the man the head injury in the first place) and hits him in the head with it. The man falls right on the kid with the ax. Dead, just like the wife. The basement is a major death scene.


It’s morning now, and the bullies from the beginning come back to get the kids. They open the front door and look around. They go down into the basement... holy shit! From behind them comes the man. Club! Black!


Prepare for tuesdays shoot
(any opinions on the outline)