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06-11-2012, 02:33 AM
I'm an Australian Student Filmmaker, I currently study in University and working on my own film production company, Projecttown Media.
I currently shoot with a Canon T2i/550D with magic lantern installed on it.

I have

Directed 2 short videos and 1 short film
Been a DP/Cinematographer for around 20 videos (1 Webseries)
Written 3 - 5 Short Films, 3 have been made and 1 discontinued
Been a Producer for 5 short films.

I have yet to still think of myself as professional, I know I am way way way off of being called one.

But my life filmmaking goals are:

Being apart of the Australian Cinematographer's Society and having ASC in my name.
Write and Direct, in my opinion, a 'good' short film.
Write and Direct, a feature length
Own a Cinema grade camera

I know it's heaps long and looks like I'm bragging heaps but I love filmmaking and it is my passion.
Knowing this is a filmmaking community I hope to learn a whole lot and become an excellent filmmaker.