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06-04-2012, 04:06 PM
Hey everyone...so, Ive mentioned this partially in a previous post in another category, but in a brief summary, here is what I am doing.

Ever since I seriously started making films, commercials, and music videos, I have dreamt of the day when I could build a facility that was the small budget indie filmmakers "Hollywood".
Over the past couple of months, that dream has finally started to become a reality. I am pleased to say that this summer, starts the development, of a 1.5 Acre Indie Film Studio Complex in Eastern Ohio (just 40 mins from downtown Pittsburgh).

The studio main building will be a newly renovated former school building that will boast:

- 6,200 SQ/FT MAIN STAGE. The main stage will feature at roughly 2,500+ sq/ft green screen cyclorama, full lighting grid, plenty of stage space to construct small sets, various floating green screen walls of different sizes, a dolly system and tracks, 20ft jib with electronic pan/tilt control, an acoustically treated environment, and a 550 sq/ft elevated stage (perfect for a video village, craft services, cast/crew seating, or equipment storage. There is a small 150 sq/ft room attached to the Main Stage that we plan to build a permanent video village/monitoring room (with 32" monitors, JBL Audio System, and acoustically treated for critical audio monitoring).

-EDITING SUITES. 2 Separate 250 sq/ft editing rooms, complete with both Mac and PC Editing Workstations. Loaded with both Final Cut and Adobe Master Collection CS6 (Possibly AMC5 and other various computer applications).

-AUDIO MIX/RECORDING STUDIO. 250 sq/ft control room and 350 sq/ft live room. The control room will feature a Mac Pro Audio Workstation loaded with Pro Tools 10HD, an Avid Control 24 control surface, Monitoring Solutions from JBL, DynAudio, Yamaha, and M-Audio (both stereo and 5.1), Various pieces of analog outboard gear (pre-amps, limiting amplifiers, compressors, EQ's, and other dynamics processors), Presonus Monitor Station, Independent headphone mixes, and plugins from all of the major manufacturers (Waves, McDSP, Avid, Antares, DUY, Roger Nichols, and more!). The live room will feature various instruments (including a Baldwin upright piano), high end microphones (Neumann, Rode, Oktava, Senheisser, Earthwerks, Sterling, Shure, Audix, Royer, AKG, and more!), Vocal Isolation Booth (complete with 32" monitor for ADR and Voiceover Recording and an independent headphone mixer). The Live Room will also feature an HD DLP Projector with a 70"+ Screen for cueing for film scoring. We are also considering converting the other adjacent 350 sq/ft room into a Foley studio with a pit. It may not be there when we open, but hopefully very soon after! The Audio Studio will, however, contain a 2TB Sound Effects and Foley Library containing collections from all the major manufacturers as well as tons of custom sounds.

-COLORING SUITE. 225 sq/ft coloring suite, containing a Mac Pro workstation running both Apple's Color and Davinci Resolve. We are still working on selecting the monitors for the coloring suite, as nothing sub-standard will be acceptable. The coloring suite will also have a comfortable seating lounge in the back of the Coloring Suite (as well as the editing suite)

-VISUAL EFFECTS/SPECIAL EFFECTS DEPARTMENT. 2 separate 400 sq/ft suites designed for both practical and cgi based effects. The Computer Effects Suite will feature 3 Mac and 2 PC computer workstations (loaded down with software and a library of pre-matted effects), a 10x30' fabric green screen (with multiple colored backdrops), 2 drafting tables, and a large conference table. The Practical Effects suite includes a large stage designed for use with models and miniatures, an attached model shop with 2 work stations, a large multi purpose table, and a large dry-erase wall. We have also been looking into motion capture products, however, that too may be something for down the road (not something I have much knowledge or experience in).

-ART DEPARTMENT. The Art Department is a basic work room containing 3 drafting tables, 2 large multi-purpose tables, a 15' cork-board wall (for assembling storyboards), a 10' dry erase wall, multiple easels and other art related materials, several high end photo printers, 1 large commercial printer, 2 high end color Xerox workstations, laminating machines, and 2 Mac graphics workstations (with Wacom tablets).

-CONFERENCE ROOM. A large and comfortable conference facility with 2 large tables, 10' dry erase wall, DLP Projection system and screen, video conferencing capabilities, and craft services section with 2 small refrigerators.

-PRODUCTION OFFICES. The production offices are house in a subdivided 750 sq/ft space, containing multiple cubicles and computers, 2 separate and private office suites, a small waiting area, 2 portable A/V carts, small multi-purpose table, fax and phone systems, and 2 Xerox Workstations.

-WARDROBE & PROPS DEPARTMENT. Located off the far end of the main stage the Wardrobe and Props Department is a large storage facility that will house an extensive collection of wardrobe and props, that we add to on a weekly basis. Furthermore, there will be several mobile clothing racks to store all of your custom wardrobe that you bring in. The props department will contain a computer catalog of every item, complete with photos and detailed descriptions. Props and Wardrobe will also have a computer system for taking photographs of items at the end of each day, and logging them for each day of production.
Directly adjacent to the wardrobe and props department is a 2 Chair Hair & Makeup suite. Hair and Makeup contains complete workstations, 3 partitioned dressing rooms, plenty or mirrors and lighting, a salon hair dryer, and all of the accessories. Also, a small workshop is attached to the back side of the prop shop just around the corner from the Main Stage.

-CAFETERIA/CRAFT SERVICES. As with any former school building, our studios contain a fully equipped Cafeteria that was designed to prepare meals for 150+ people per day. I dont need to get into all the appliance details, but it is fully stocked, and can be fully staffed at our clients request, and will provide a large menu to prepare custom meals for each production so everyone can eat what they want. Just like in school, there is a traditional serving line, enough tables to seat 75+ people, soda machines (that can dispense beverages for free at the clients request), and a salad bar (coming soon). Also adjacent is a private dining hall that will seat 20 people. Craft Services will provide several tables to offer a plethora of healthy (and unhealthy) snacks, beverages, and candies. In addition, our in house Catering Director can coordinate delivery and takeout meals from one of the many surrounding restaurants (Over 60 in a ten mile radius). In addition, there is a large outdoor courtyard in the center of the facility that will host several cafe tables, and weather pending (seasonally) will have an outdoor cafe stand that will feature snack, coffee, cold beverages, ice cream, and pastry.

-SALES/RENTAL OFFICE. To help our clients spend their time wisely, we are building a well stocked sales and rental office which will have available many of the items that our clients may beed to purchase during production (office supplies, memory cards & hard drives, hair & makeup supplies, effects makeup, batteries, tape, cables wires & adapters, DVDs & CDs, basic hardware and some lumber (with a direct connection with the local lumber yard to have the materials for your sets delivered same day), paint, and other miscellaneous supplies. In regards to the rental office...This will be a project that will grow as our studio grows. We plan on purchasing a RED EPIC package in the near future, adding lenses as we go, dollies jib & sliders, steadicam, effects lighting, additional lighting (outside of the studio), stands & rigging, gaffing equipment, and etc. The rental department will always be a growing portion of our operation.

.75 ACRE PAVED BACKLOT. Finally, our facility hosts almost a 1 Acre Backlot for all of your exterior production needs. The lot is fenced off and secured, with access to power and plumbing. Generators are also available to productions that are filming on location. We also have several large canvas canopy tents for setting up video village, cast/crew seating/ and craft services.

TRANSPORTATION. We are currently planning on purchasing several vans for transporting cast and crew to and from locations as well as to lodging.

ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT. Located just 5 blocks up the street, is the administrative offices that manage the facilities. Our offices can provide incredible support to independent filmmakers, especially those traveling into the area. We can provide you with support for finding locations (as we have a network of hundreds of property owners throughout the region), we can assist with any local or county government support (Fire, Police, EMS, Special Permits, etc). We also have an arrangement with a local insurance provider who can provide coverage for productions. In addition, we can help with lodging, airfare, and other accommodations. Finally, when it comes to hiring a crew, we have an ever growing database of talented professionals both on the independent levels and on the professional level. Furthermore, there are 7 universities close by that have media and film programs that constantly offer interns for work on productions...most of which are obligated to work for free as part of their schooling. Finally, our offices work as a liaison between our clients, regional businesses, film offices, locations owners, local and regional governments, venders and suppliers, catering services, regional media outlets, casting, limousine services, lodging, community outreach, and may other services. Our offices are fully staffed 24/7 to cater to all of our clients needs. In addition, our offices include a 16 person private screening room with DLP Projection and a 96" screen. That way, our clients can review their dailies in comfort.

Our facility is located 40 mins from downtown Pittsburgh, 90 minutes from Columbus, OH, 2 hours from Cleveland, 6.5 hour from NYC, 4 hours from Washington, DC, and only 4.5 hours from Niagara Falls, Canada. We are located only 30 minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport, 40 minutes from the Pittsburgh Amtrak Stations, and 5 minutes from the local Greyhound station (if anyone actually uses that).

The surrounding are has hosted several features films recently including "Unstoppable" and "Super 8".

There are over 15 major hotels, and a dozen independent hotels within 10 minutes driving time from our facilities, and over 60 restaurant. The area also features several entertainment activities including: shopping malls, theme park, water park, movie theaters, a regional ECHL Hockey team, State and National Parks, Skiing, Skate Parks, Bowling Centers, Drive In Theater, a dozen Golf Courses, Shooting Range, a Playhouse, Concert Venues, and Nightclubs (many of which we have relationships so we can help plan your perfect wrap party).

Our goal over the next couple of years is to buy some of the adjacent property next to the studio, and build a much larger second sound stage

So...to end my incredibly lengthy post... here's the bottom line.

This facility is geared towards independent filmmakers. Everything will be set a rock bottom prices that any budget can afford. Furthermore, we will offer special for students and student film projects. Passion is our only motivation. We love everything about the process, and want to help our community of filmmakers by providing every possible need. Our hope is to create a one stop shop for independent productions, so filmmakers can start and finish their projects under the same roof. .

In addition...to those filmmakers who's budgets still can't allot our lower than low rates, we will offer deferment to select projects, chosen at our discretion, so you can have use of our facilities without coming out of pocket for studio space.

This project has been a dream for many years that is finally coming to reality. The property is already being renovated, 90% of equipment purchased, and the remainder of the preparations are underway. Though my goal is to provide a home for independent filmmakers to grow and create their projects...even if the outside work isnt as regular as I hope, this will be a great space for my production company to continue to host our commercial, music video, and film work.

In closing, I hope some of you are as excited about this as I am...I have been waiting to make the unofficial announcement of this for over a year...lol We will always be running cool promotions and special deals...and I want to host a yearly film festival, where the grand prize is 3 weeks of full access to our facilities, plus gifts from regional and national sponsors.
If anyone has any questions or want more info, please let me know.

Is this something that any of you guys would be interested in? I hope this is something that in the end, can be a huge helping hand to a lot of your productions.
You can also contact us at our temporary e-mail address (until the website launches) at: MMGFilmStudios@Gmail.com

Thanks guy, and I hope to see some of you out this way soon!


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