View Full Version : GH2 Manual mode auto adjusting

05-24-2012, 11:06 AM
Hey gang,

I'm off to Vegas in a few days with my girlfriend and that got me thinking about taking my gh2 for both video and photo.

My camera is hacked, so I don't know if that quite changes anything, however, I notice that when I'm in manual mode, for photos, I can't access any of the buttons around my navigation ( grid, white balance, iso, scene settings) it just tells me it's locked on the screen and can't seem to find a way around this.

Secondly, and I apologize if this issue has been beaten to death but can't figure out how to search for this, but when in manual mode for taking pictures, whether I'm looking through the viewfinder LCD or the LCD, it seems as though the image auto adjusts in brightness even though the iso, shutter speed and f stop remain the same. So the histogram shows me an exposed image and the image is fine, but then after taking it it can be grossly under exposed or over. How do I get it to show me exactly what I'm getting? Been playing around the menu settings but haven't seem to have found the trick.

Thank you.