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06-20-2005, 02:50 PM
Guys, where I can find a detailed production pipeline for a short independent film project(a 15 minutes drama)? I basically need a guide for coordinate different aspects of the production. So if it breaks down as:

1. Preproduction
2. Production
3. Post production

Then what are the important tasks need to be completed during each stage and when they need to be completed. Take Pre-production as an example, the screen play needs to be completed before storyboard. Then should I start location scout while I'm selecting the cast?

Also, what are the essential crew members I need for a small project like that? So far this is what I can think of besides a director and a screen writer:

1. a DP/camera man
2. an audio guy who will do sound recording and all the soundFX in post.
3. a costume/makeup person
4. a set designer/props person
5. an editor(he will probably be the same guy as the director)
6. a coordinator for all the logistics

So is there a good online resource for all of my concerns? Thanks!

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