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Miles Levin
05-11-2012, 05:09 PM
Hello fellow filmmakers!

My name is Miles and I am a filmmaker who is really excited about this community. I am really excited about my first feature film, ''User" which will hit the film festival circuit by next year. I really need help raising funds, as everyone involved are students working for free. If you could check out the link that would be fantastic! Please tell your friends and ask me questions. I am so excited to be a part of this group of such talented people!


The link was removed since I'm new, but if you'd like to see my film's promo, and learn more, go to the kickstarter web page and type in "project user"
Thank you!

Victor Nhat Nguyen
05-12-2012, 09:30 PM
where's the link?

Miles Levin
05-15-2012, 08:59 PM
where's the link?
The link was removed since I'm new here. You can go to the kickstater web site and type in "project user" to see the promo and learn more.