View Full Version : Compressor 3 convert 60i to 24P from DVX100 cam audio out of sync!

05-07-2012, 10:02 PM
Hi! Trying to do best 60i to 24P conversion. Compressor rocks!
Compared it to DVMaker, a hand built algorithm, and regular FCP 6.0.2, Compressor is best hands down.
DVX100b cam, some 60i mistakenly shot footage cannot be re-shot. Have to convert 60i to 24P and look good for 24P DVD ultimately.

Compressor is great - using my owned 3.2 copy I think it is.

I set motion detection to best / adaptive and highest quality for other setting.
But I have two problems. Often Compressor gets file to 99% and never seems to finish.
But mostly I can't figure out the sound stuff.
I had to select 'Custom' frame rate and type in 23.976 for Compressor since there was no 23.98 or 23.976 preset.
On audio encoder tab I have the audio at 100% (timing). I don't have the 'so audio plays at...' checked or a conversion to another rate.
My audio plays way off. QT sees my new footage as 23.98 and usually about 24 fps on playback.

What do I need to do here? Yeah it's slow as anything, but the results seem worth it. What do I need to do here?