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04-28-2012, 04:40 PM
Hello all! Before I mention much on myself, let me applaud all of you fine people that make this site what it is. I've done a lot of reading on here since Ive joined, and its great to see so many intelligent and helpful people that makes this place such a great community!

So, that being said, here is a little about me..

My name is Nick, and I am originally from Ohio (about 40 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, PA). I have been an avid video, audio, and tech nerd my whole life, and have been working professionally for almost ten years.

My initial background is in audio engineering. I studied at Ohio University for 2 years until receiving my certifications elsewhere. I also received my Pro Tools operators license, my digital audio teaching certificate, and various other certifications in the field. I worked as a freelance engineer and producer for both music and post audio projects for several years until I accepted a position as a private engineer for a few major artists in Los Angeles, where I resided until a year and a half ago.

As I mentioned, Ive always been a budding filmmaker, and began independently studying and working in the field in 2005. My passion is in directing and visual effects work.

About 3 years ago I opened my own production house outside of Pittsburgh. On a day to day basis the majority of my work is in commercial production. To date, I have produced nearly 70 TV spots on various scales. I also work in music videos, documentaries, and films. We also do a lot of post production work for other independent filmmakers, as well as rent out equipment and studio space.
I love doing commercial and music video projects, but my heart is in film. I have done a few shorts, and even won a couple of small festivals, but my passion is in features. Currently, I am almost finished with raising the finances to produce my first $1M+ feature comedy.

Well, Im going to leave it at that now before this sounds any more like a resume, lol...I wasnt sure what was expected/appropriate for these types of things haha

In closing, I love to network, I love to work on projects with new people, and if there is ever anything I can do to help another out, I'll always do what I can.

Happy shooting all!

Nick B