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04-15-2012, 08:21 PM
Sorry, I think I posted my introduction in the wrong thread. Here looking for some help. I work for a start-up travel and tourism website and we are looking for light, portable, good quality video gear for our travels. Most of the shooting and final product will be distributed online at video upload sites, but obviously would like to shoot the highest quality we can should we ever try to go for ITunes, Amazon, DVD, etc... Needs to have top quality sound - we'll be shooting outdoors and in semi-crowded places (think city streets) so I'm thinking a good quality wireless might be a good investment. Would like to do it on cards if possible, so that we can download directly to computer. Just looking for some recommendations from where to even start. There's so much on the market it's kind of hard to pick apart what's best.

Thanks so much and looking forward to what people might have to say.


Greg Smith
04-16-2012, 12:12 PM
More than anything, I think it depends on your personnel situation. How many people will be serving on the crew for these shoots? (A single operator can only do so much, especially with regard to high quality sound and lighting.) Do they have previous professional production experience? Your description sounds like you are mainly thinking about outdoor shooting, but is that always the case? Will you be conducting interviews that require focusing the sound on a single subject (or two), or are you just trying to record general ambience? Will you be able to rent anything in the target locations, or do you have to own all the gear and fly it around with you? What is the budget for equipment?

Sorry for the twenty questions, but there are a lot of options and this will help narrow them down.

- Greg

04-22-2012, 03:41 AM
Got it. Sorry it took so long for me to come back. Most of the shooting will be done outside, it will be a lot of B-Roll footage, but also sort of "on the go" chats and commentary, budget is flexible, it would be super helpful if we owned it, so rather not rent anything, although it would be nice to know that option exists. It was recommended by another member that maybe I re-start this line of questioning in the cafe area, so I think I'll head over there and see what recommendations come up.