View Full Version : ISO6400 and ISO12800 stuff

04-06-2012, 01:51 AM
I shot this interview for the European Raiders recently. The interview was in fact the first I shot with the C300. I had no audio assistant and stand so excuse the background-noise.

Anyway in the first and last part of the clip are shots from their winter-practice field, which is a very dark pitch. I shot their before with HVX (unusable) and 7D, where I used ISO1600 with 1.4 lenses. You can imagine how that looked and how I had to hunt focus.....

Now I used the f4 lenses (24-105 and 70-200) and was at ISO 6400 in normal speeds and ISO12800 in 720p slomos (shutter between 1/120 and 1/200). I also had messed up the whitebalance. The lamps there are a mix of sodium, tungsten and halogen.....so it all was green in the end.

I didn't grade it, just corrected colour and contrast, becuae we don't get paid for this and I didn't have time.

All shot in C-Log.