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03-22-2012, 12:09 AM
So... Had a buddy ask me to be an EP on a project since I am a business guy with an accounting background..

Met up with a good solid director that has a seasoned crew and was told that it would be a good idea to own at least one camera.

I am purchasing a sony fs100 but found that just like a Harley-Davidson, the accessories cost more than the unit....

so my 5 k investment is turning into 10k...

Trying to put a rail system together but it is very costly...

Why? got me... 15mm tubing and cc'd parts are cheap to make... oh well...

Going to a rental place in SF to talk base plates....

Read some good stuff on mounts and all on this site and hope it all comes together in the next week...

Guess i can just throw $ at it until it becomes useful..

03-22-2012, 01:17 AM
Yeah, welcome to the wonderful world of film gear, where a half inch Allan bolt is $12 - and welcome to DVXuser.

:D Frank

Perry Morris Jr
03-22-2012, 04:36 AM
Wish I knew you. Get your paperwork in order before the production phase begins. Things like who will own the production assets, like camera and gear after the production and what is your return of the production product after is has been produced. It can get even more messy after the production if there is not understanding. If you are successful, you may have just started a production company. There are four phases of a production that if you understand them, MIGHT help you get through this; this information is very basic: (1) DEVELOPMENT - Determined what will it take (Resources-wise) to complete the project based on completed script and a predetermined budget. Establish business protocols, partnership and ROI. (2) PRE-PRODUCTION - Begins scheduling, securing cast, locations & gear. I suspect this will be a independent production so determine all contributions to productions include getting as much in-kind contributions as possible to minimize costs. (predetermined budget) (3) PRODUCTION - Execution of the production. My advice here is, no matter how good your Director is, DP and all the other seemingly important people, HAVE A GOOD & EXPERIENCE FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR if you wanna save time and money and stay on track. I'm talking from experience on this one. (Have an in-advance understanding what happens if the production goes over budget!) (4) POST PRODUCTION - My advice here is, if your intention is to make your money back, go with an experienced editor who edits for a living. There are those who can edit, and there are those who are editors! Real editors will give more value to your project. The budget for editing should have been predetermined and set aside initially. The problem with people who can edit is they usually have not done a full length before, and it will take them twice as long, if they complete it! Please note, this advice is very basic but I hope it help you and acts as a guide.

Like I said, I wish I could find someone like you. If this is successful and your looking for another project to invest, hit me up! LOL! anyway, good luck!

Perry Morris Jr.
New Media Cinema Productions, Inc. - Stone Mountain, GA.