View Full Version : C300 dead pixel issue solved

03-12-2012, 06:45 PM
I just completed a flight from Detroit to Hong Kong. Plugged the C300 into a HDMI monitor to check some footage, and noticed a gleaming/flickering pixel a little above the center point of the monitor. Freaked out. Tried different settings to see if anything changed with no result. Put the lens cap on and noticed FOUR additional pixels, though not as bright as the center one.

Contacted Canon USA (with a 12 hour time difference). Technical got involved, and they said there have been issues with camera sensors because of the solar flare activity in the northern regions - I had just flown over the top of the planet.

Amongst several things including hitting the reset button, they suggested I black balance the camera using the ABB setting in the menu. I should of known that - but I'm a little foggy with jet lag. Problem solved... The black balance fixed it. My Varicam had a dedicated ABB switch on the camera. The C300 has it in the menu, and one can forget to use it. Very relieved!

03-17-2012, 08:51 PM
Jeff, good to hear ABB masked the pixels. I saw a demo unit at a trade show with hot pixels as well. Ordered a C300 PL for rental inventory, but want to see what's announced at NAB by all manufacturers, since PL version delivery will be so close to NAB.