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Braxton W. Gaither
03-10-2012, 07:10 AM
Hey Guys (and gals)

I was on this a few years ago, but for whatever reason I simply stopped posting and so on. That aside. I am an aspiring filmmaker. Have been for a while. Just trying to make my way into a career within film that doesn't make me want to pull (all) my hair out! My name is Braxton W. Gaither or BWG (according to my site) or simply Brax! I'll be posting often on here and REDUser to help me along the way! I appreciate everyone and anyone generally helping me along this interesting road I lead. So. To kick off the question time... I have two.

When I started cutting together projects and so on. I had never heard of these two words.... "Proxy"; and "Audio Printmaster"; not that I am not simply cutting together indie projects. I'm with a company now that has both REDEpic & REDScarlet... I've been playing catch up to figure out some new stuff I didn't know before. Now. I know Proxy & Audio Printmaster are not solely an exclusive RED feature! It's just the first time I've hear these things. So. The question is...

What is Proxy and Audio PrintMaster?

These are the requirements for my first project for the company to which we are going to NAB for...
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________
The Technical Requirements

*Project MUST be submitted on an unencrypted Hard Drive, with an ESTATA Port.
*Project MUST be a maximum 4minutes in length including any credits. Submissions greater than 4minutes disqualified
*Each Entrant must provide three (3) different versions of the portrait on a hard drive:
~ Color Timed Master (CTM)
^ CTMs must be mastered in 4K resolution (4096x2304 or 4096x2160) and can be delivered as DPX, Uncompressed Quicktime, or ProRes
~ Audio PrintMaster (2ch only)
^ Audio PrintMaster must be delivered as separated stems in either WAV or AIFF format labeled and ordered as Stereo 1 & 2
~ Proxy Version (A/V muxed)
^ Proxy Version must be delivered in H.264 format (1280x720) with data rates between 3Mbs per second and 8Mbs per second

8Each entrant must also provide the Adobe Premiere Pro offline project file associated with the portrait. Finalist may be asked to provide the original audio and video files used during production of the entry. This may include R3Ds, uncompressed QuickTime files, final audio mix and/or separate audio tracks for dialogue, music, and effects.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

I just cut footage together. This some of these terms just lost me. Like... "Proxy"; "Audio PrintMaster"; "Stem"; I can assume all day what they are, but at the end of the day. I don't know. Really... I just need to know what these mean. Their association with what. And then from there. I can do what I need.

Thanks again!