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03-08-2012, 09:00 AM
Within ETANG D’ARTS 2011 festival, we organize a EUROMED SHORT FILMS CONTEST.
Etang d’Arts is a multi-cultural festival based on sustainable development. We have a double goal: to show to public shows of quality in all the artistic areas and to sensitize our public to sustainable development values. The staff organizing this festival is only composed by students members of the Bureau des Arts of Euromed Management School, Marseille, France. Bureau des Arts is a students’ charity that helps developing arts and culture in Euromed Management School and in the city of Marseille, France thanks to the organization of festivals throughout the year.

Many artistic forms are represented at Etang d’Arts: dance, theatre, urban art, cinema, concerts spread on two days at the end of May 2011 in Marseille, France. An associative village will also be set up thanks to local and international charities and artists with funny games and workshop around our main values: cultural diversity and sustainable development. We aim at allowing access to culture for all the people of Marseille and its region. People attending to our festival have a free access to the most of our activities.

The cinema evening will occur on the second day of our festival. Its main topic is the diffusion of the short films winners of our contest.
The best films sent will be selected by a jury composed with cinema professionals, some on their way to the Cannes Festival, and will be then projected during the cinema evening to the public attending to our festival. The public attending will reward its favorite movie at the end of the projection.
After the festival diffusion, we will send their lots to the winners.
This year, for the 14th edition of the festival, the contest of short films will deal with the theme The four elements. Participants are free to deal with this broad theme as they understand it and how they see it in every kind of production they fancy (cartoon, movie, documentary, etc). Our festival wants to value creativity, self expression and diversity in the productions. We aim at showing throughout a dynamic, young and modern vision the wealth of those different cultures aiming at growing and developing together in the years to come on the same geographic region. Marseille, France has also been chosen to be the European capital of culture in 2013. Our contest will prepare and give to the city credit for what Marseille stands for: a Euromediterranean city open to a broad region of cultural diversity.

You are then invited to participate to our contest.
The first lot will be the diffusion of the winning short film in the short films festival organized by Cinefac in Paris. The director this lot will be attributed to will see its short film shown on the 10 spots in Paris the Cinefac festival will go to during ten days.
However, other lots remain to determine.
Charge the rules and the registration forms on:
For more information:
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