View Full Version : Help me do some set decoration

02-21-2012, 12:34 PM

This is the location of an old abandoned house, that is being inhabited by a group of rag tag paranormal investigators for 4 days to uncover the mystery behind a local urban legend.

They'll have gear set up in the main hall room, but I need to "spice up" the rest of the rooms with interesting set decoration. People have come and gone in the house, and noone stayed there for any extended period. At one point the owners ripped all the sheet rock off the walls because they thought they heard voices inside the walls.

What would still be here that would look cool?

02-21-2012, 03:11 PM
sweet location.
always love using old antique kids toys and tricycles.

Sad Max
02-25-2012, 06:41 PM
Wow, the textures in that place are wonderful (although the lath does make me wonder about banding and strobing, in the final image...) and even better, it looks as though you have ready-made cookie-ness everywhere, through which to bang light (if that suits your look, anyway).

Piles of old books, piles of old clothes, piles of old newspapers, a baby carriage, old boots and shoes, battered furniture, electric burners and old pans abandoned in a corner...

...damn, it's too bad I don't have any pictures of my apartment, back before I got married...