View Full Version : Sensory Perception of the look of a "movie"

01-15-2012, 03:39 PM
Many of us are indie film makers, who don't get to build new sets, or use locations they've never been to or actors they've never seen before.

We use locations we already have access to, sometimes actors we already know, and everything is "familiar". Does the fact that alot of what we shoot is stuff we see on a day to day basis in its "reality" lend to how we percieve our projects? I've had things I've shot that I didn't think looked "cinematic" and others would comment on how much like a real movie it looked to them. Is it because I see these locations and etc. all the time so my belief isn't suspended?

01-16-2012, 05:06 AM
Will you ever be satisfied with your work? Probably not, while many other people will say that it's just great!
You're a director, so obviously you're seeing things differently. It's like when you watch a movie (at least me) unless I'm "in-the-movie" because it's very good, I tend to notice all the details (how they lit the scenes, how they did the shot...) so I don't really appreciate the movie like someone who simply just watch it.
That being said, I'd say it can be a good thing though: you're used to walk in front of an house everyday. Everyone you know also knows this place. No one would think a movie could be done in it, but your vision of this house makes you think of a story that could take place in that house, you're developing the story, concept and all. Then you're shooting the movie and all. People watch it and are like "it's that house on the corner of the street!". Works both ways in a sense. Still the same "familiar" house for you, it's a whole new one to the others as they don't have "your" vision.

01-16-2012, 08:43 AM
Yeah 've noticed it can take 1-2 years before I can forget the memories and details enough to properly see and judge my own work. If the locations are somehow familiar or emotionally important, it can be impossible to ever see it like an outsider would. It's very frustrating, and that's why I hate discussing the film after premiere or similar situations, and rather go and grab some booze and hide someplace :)