View Full Version : GH2 Audio format of GH2 MTS files

12-19-2011, 12:17 PM
Hey guys, does anyone know what audio format the GH2 records in its MTS files? I noticed some audio distortion when rendering from Vegas and I'm thinking that my chosen audio format doesn't match what's coming out of the GH2. Many thanks.

12-19-2011, 01:35 PM
Mediaainfo says: 192 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 16 bits, 2 channels, AC-3
Google Mediainfo, it's free and it will give these details about media files... Al

12-19-2011, 02:29 PM
Vegas Pro indicates that my GH-2 MTS files store audio as 48 Khz Stereo AC-3 Dolby

I've never had any problems with the audio my GH-2 produces.

12-19-2011, 04:59 PM
For the Vegas guys, have you found that a different audio format works or sounds better than the others? I rendered using 16-bit Big Endian and after YouTube rendered it, I had some static appearing during playback.

12-19-2011, 08:09 PM
Here is YouTube's own Advanced Encoding Specifications info. This is the ONLY format you should be encoding to when rendering video to be uploaded to YouTube.

Encoding Video For YouTube: Advanced Specifications (http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/static.py?hl=en&topic=1728573&guide=1728585&page=guide.cs)