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05-18-2005, 12:55 PM
Hi there!

So the time has come for a trip to the la-la-land, a.k.a. Absurdistan, a.k.a. Czech Republic, for round two of a doc I've been working on for last year or so.

The difference is - last time I was two-man crew, this time I'll be a lone shooter.

Many wise words have been on the subject, so I am not asking anyone to say 'make sure you've got a good mic'. I think I've got the techie stuff covered (trusty old DVX, Sennheiser shotgun mic, wireless lav, tripod, collapsible reflector board, cloth pins, tapes - both DV and gaffer, rain cover, air blower, ANYTHING ELSE?). Most, if not all, shooting will be with available light.

The idea for the film is that after the first trip, I have come across some previously unknown info, and now I am on a mission to 'find the truth', so it will pretty much all be a personal POV. Also, some situations will call for a fairly low profile. Past political prisoners and current crusaders for their vindication will be involved. Touchy subject, even after fifteen years of non-communist government (with five out of eight prime ministers being ex-communists. Go figure.)

All you experienced documentary shooters out there: Any ideas on shots/sequences that a good personal POV documentary should have, or what has worked/hasn't worked for you, I'll appreciate it.

This board is the awesomest place of the whole internet. Keep on shoot'n!


05-18-2005, 08:41 PM
Hey Jerry...ill give you some of my thoughts...great to hear your project is moving forward, ill write soon

05-19-2005, 12:57 PM
Hey Jerry...ill give you some of my thoughts...great to hear your project is moving forward, ill write soonThanks, Anthony. Checked out your animation/real footage combo. I think it works great. I actually think that putting animation in a doc is a great idea. I remember reading about one a few months back, it got some prizes at festivals, but I forgot the name... :huh:

Hope everything is going well with your doc. It's such a compelling issue. When I was filming the demo in DC, some of the signs had real universal meaning. They could be easily put in my doc, only the names of countries/parties would be different. Can't wait to see your film!