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10-17-2011, 10:22 AM
I thinking of taking up an offer to go to India for a month, to point a camera for a doco that's going out to film... my FS is really set up as a mini production camera, and although we have an EX1 & EX3 already, i'm thinking of dropping the EX1 for this trip, and taking the FS..

Brings me to lens choices... these is what i'm looking at purchasing;
- kit lens ( tired it, gave it back, hate the feel of it)
- Sony 18-250 + L2
- Sony 18-200 + L2
- Sigma 18-200 + L1
- Tamaron 18-200 + L1
- Sony 16mm pancake + coke bottle

was going to leave the Zeiss twins (16-35/24-70) at home
was going to take Nikor 35 /50 / 85 and Tamaron 70-210 + doubler from my existing kit

was going to leave the mattbox, ff & rails behind as well so i will need ND-age for the lens somehow, i use series9 ND's' in the mattbox currently

We are not run-N-gun here, interviews in controled enviroments, beauty shots to match, and should a r-n-g situation pop up, the EX3 will be standing by anyway...

Don't want to spend too much, not making a ton on this gig as it is....


10-25-2011, 07:00 PM
Seeing as noone answered...

Do you really need 200mm?

What's wrong with the Zeiss twins? Why not just take them?

Heliopan variable nd filter is great or there are cheaper options...

I guess take the nikkor primes as well as long as they're fast...

10-26-2011, 06:23 AM
thanks for the answer!

- the thinking behind the leaving the Zeiss at home is they have very short ranges, and i would be changeing them often, often enough to make dust on the sensor a concern & they are heavy to pack about

- the thinking behind the 200mm is the lack of a decent long end with our existing doco kit (EX1 & EX3/stock lens) has always nagged us, so this is a chance to up the game

- current kit is two of us with; an EX & 501 & radio mic's & MBP each, entire cam/audio/DIT kit goes into a carry on camera bag (stuffed to the brim) the tripods go in a backpack for transit, hauling a lens case (i have a Peil case for the Zeiss) would probbaly make the FS a non starter, and we'd go back to the dual EX's and try to find a decent doubler for the EX3's kit lens

- i can cram the FS into the carry on bag with my Tamaron 70-210 on the nose of it, so any of 18-to-long zooms would fit