View Full Version : Help me quick please....

Chris Johnston
09-30-2011, 11:51 AM
I am finaling up my quote sheet with B&H and this is the FF I would like (and was recommended by a few here)

What I'm unsure of is.... I believe this model is the 0.8 pitch ? (standard?) Even though it doesn't say so in the description..
Question is.... I intend to be getting the lens below....I need to find the rings that will work on these lens and the above follow focus. (and I HAVE TO get them from B&H)

I was thinking about this ring

I want to leave the rings "semi" permanently attached to each lens, so I will be getting 3
Kinda expensive though...... anyone have a cheaper but still quality B&H link for what I'm looking for......

I find statements like this...... " Compatible with 78-81mm Lenses " are they using the filter size on the lens for this measuremnet? (some rings also use the circumference measurement which is hard to figure out since B&H doesn't say what that is for each lens and I don't own it yet... :-(

Sorry for the dumb questions but this is a fairly big order for me and I'd like to return as few this as possible.