View Full Version : Sony Alpha lenses on FS100

Ryan Patrick O'Hara
09-21-2011, 11:06 AM
I was contacted by a DVXuser member who was interested in using the Tokina 11-16mm lens on the FS100, with a Sony Alpha adapter but was being told by B&H that it would not work with (electronically control) the lens. This is not true... well half true.

I used this combo on a job I was 1sting, and if I remember correctly, we had a Tokina 11-16 Alpha mount lens, along with a Sigma 17-50 Alpha mount lens. The FS100 was our C-camera, as F3's with RedZooms was A and B.

Regarding the FS100: If I remember correctly, we had the Sony LA-EA1 adapter. It DID electronically change our lens aperture. When I dialed the aperture wheel on the FS100, it would make a click sound at every fraction of a 'stop' and the exposure on screen would momentarily go from the stop I was at, to wide open and then to the 'new' stop. This all happened in a blink and was what the clicking sound was. This means you can't change exposure mid shot, if rolling sound, but that was not an issue for us and it worked great. The adapter was accurate and our image seemed to not be effected in the slightest. The 11-16 is a great lens, and the Sigma 17-50 isn't too bad either.

Auto focus, however, I do not think worked. I never had it on, because we don't use autofocus, but I don't recall ever seeing the lens auto focus when playing around with the adapter. Maybe it does, but I cannot confirm as we never even wanted that function.

To add, there is a new adapter out, so I've heard. I've not used it or seen it yet, but it's the LA-EA2. Not sure what improvements it offers, but for those wondering about the LA-EA1, I can tell you that it does control the aperture on the Alpha lenses... but it's not to be done mid-shot unless you plan to cut around it.