View Full Version : Monitoring nanoFlash with Zacuto EVF

09-16-2011, 11:48 AM
I’m recording simultaneously to the FS100’s SD card (in AVCHD), and to the nanoFlash connected via HDMI (in XDCAM HD). Using the nanoFlash’es HDMI loop-through, I’m monitoring with my Z-finder. The Zacuto EVF always correctly detects and confirms the signal, incoming from the nanoFlash, as 1080/50i. But there is a problem:

- When I leave the EVF “Scaling” option (in the EVF menu) at the default Auto, the picture aspect ratio (PAR) is OK in standby/recording, but just a tiny bit squeezed when playing back the clips from my nanoFlash
- When I choose Manual, and select NEX-FS100 from the list – it’s even worse, as the picture gets squeezed in the EVF to 4:3 proportion!

Could you tell me please which settings I should be using for scaling? I realize the NEX-FS100 preset have been developed for direct connection with the FS100's HDMI output, and not the nanoFlash - but I cannot test it at the moment as I don’t have a proper (full-size HDMI-HDMI) cable. The issue I have might be the signal from the nanoFlash, but the same signal gives correct PAR at anything else I connect it to (like my Marshall 7” field monitor)…

Why is the Zacuto EVF displaying a wrong PAR from the nanoFlash 1080/50i signal? I realize this is a question to Zacuto (and I have asked them, too), but still - perhaps some nanoFlash fellow user might help?