View Full Version : Canon EOS adapter from MTF Services at Sony booth, IBC

09-11-2011, 10:44 AM
Hi all,

in the Sony booth at IBC I saw a MTF Services adapter for FS100 with a Canon EOS zoom lens. It was wired to a "remote" with a knob where you could adjust iris. On a display you could see the F stop. If I turned the zoom on the lens the display also showed the mm. I was told prices should be arround 1000Euro.



09-11-2011, 02:10 PM
Erik from Birger Engineering should have had his mount at the show but "something happened". He's tweeted that there should be something for the F3 within two weeks. Here's hoping that the FS100 version follows swiftly after that. Mike's mount (MTF) is solid and real, but the external control box - if that's how it would work for the FS100 - is a shame.