View Full Version : Motion “Judder” on the FS100 and other cameras at low frame rates (Alister Chapman)

07-04-2011, 12:11 PM
"Our visual system picks up edges and other areas of high contrast to detect motion, so in areas of high contrast any non-smoothness of the images motion will be more noticeable."


07-04-2011, 12:36 PM
... and the debate moves on. We've had it with the GH2, AF100 and now FS100... I commented a while ago that, in my view, it was high-con areas that are the issue (or really show off the problem). But the threads in question seemed to die away as everyone made their own conclusions.

I think the AF101 test was a pan in a dark room moving over some blown out windows. Another GH2 test showed a judder in a dim alleyway with strong vertical white windows & bars.

What I find interesting is Alistair's comments that this is less pronounced on the F3 due to more sophisticated signal processing... which may well be the case (considering the price difference!). The only other 'unknown' is the differing results from Pal-Land users for the AF100/101 - as there's no way to test 24P for a PAL FS100 (or, conversly, 25P on an NTSC model!).

I feel a lot of test shots coming :)

Kyle McConaghy
07-04-2011, 01:51 PM
So this shouldn't affect hand-held footage if you dial in the detail correctly? Some of the hand-held footage I've seen has given me 2nd thoughts about this camera.

07-04-2011, 02:30 PM
Basically - and my feeling is this will go for all types of DSLR/low priced camcorders (ie GH1/GH2/AF100/FS100 etc) that you dial down for a softer look - as far as you can. Look to remove edges - and also don't shoot with a profile that increases the delineation of white to colour edging. This is easier to do on the AF100 & FS100 as they're larger sensors in camcorder style bodies, with menu/options that allow you to dial 'deep' into the picture profiles to get different looks.

It'll end up with differing profiles for certain shots etc - but it's easier to get a flat look from a '100' (either brand!) than a GH1/GH2.

Handheld will depend on what your're shooting! If you're running down a dimly lit corridor with lots of vertical florries... well, that might not look so good! LOL

All this really is coming to light now simply because sensors are getting so advanced... in teh old days of SD, whe progressive first hit, whilst there was a bit of strobing, all the factors of the low res image 'helped' it along. Thinking whilst I type, maybe that's why the Canons (5DMKII/7D etc) didn't show this judder quite as much - as their sensor's native rez for video was smaller.