View Full Version : New FS-100 evaluation and video.

06-22-2011, 03:51 AM
This is my first bit of shooting with my NEX FS-100. A few shots from
right after I got it, and then a couple from late at night. Also,
one test of the 'steadyshot' function to see how close to a
'steadycam' look I could get.


Ungraded, didn't have a clue what I was doing, just put the camera
together and shot a couple shots......then had to bring my daughter to
a softball game and shot the game....here's a couple random shots
from the game.


Nice camera.....unlike a DSLR it LOVES wide shots! Looks really nice
on them. Found myself trying to zoom with a nonexistent zoom rocker
when following moving softball players....but figured it out after
a little while. The kit lens is actually a decent run and gun lens,
the auto functions work much better than I thought they would.
I like the 'push auto' buttons, as you can have the camera in full
manual...hit the auto iris or auto focus button to see what the
camera 'thinks' and then tweak a little from there if you want,
or just leave it and the camera won't 'hunt' as it is now in
manual again. Very nice sensor, even the slow kit lens needs
some ND unless you like shooting in the F25 range in the sun.
The iris is smooth....no clicks or 'steps' like there was on
the AF100 with the 14-140 lens that I saw a friend use.
Build quality is middle of the road. I was expecting it to
be really crappy with all the complaints I had read, but it feels
no worse than a Panasonic HMC 150.....a friend of mine has that and it
feels almost the same to me. I wouldn't want to give it to a local
news station to use, or bang it around, but as a one person owner/operator,
I am nice to my gear, and it feels solid to me, I am confident that it
will be fine unless abused. If you dropped it off a tripod.....not
sure if it would break or not. I had heard so much about how light
it was, I was surprised at how solid and heavy it felt. I was expecting
some light 'toy' cheap plastic thing, and to me it felt like the
Panasonic HVX 200 or HMC 150 type cameras.

Low light is amazing as everyone has said. Gaining up doesn't add much
grain at all....it's crazy. Buttons are a little small, but I am 6'3
250 and I had no problems whatsoever pushing buttons with my fingers....
didn't need a pen. The only thing that bothers me, is the no ND filters.
Mostly, because I can't find the variable Heliopan or Tiffin in stock anywhere,
and I want one that doesn't introduce color casts and is SHARP at all focal lengths.
I know the Heliopan is $400 but it would be worth it to me to get a sharp ND
filter. I think the camera is destined to become a classic, the sensor is
just that good!

If you are coming from a video background, I like the kit lens. It will
shoot video that looks similar to the Sony XDcam series (to my eyes).
Decent 11x zoom range and even though it is slow, no problem as the
sensor is so good. However, if you are looking for a shallow depth of
field, the kit lens seems more akin to a 2/3 broadcast cam maybe a little
shallower. But, you can get a nice fast lens, and change it out, it's
cool, it can be a different type of camera with each lens change.
Now I just need to find some good ND solution, and I'll grab a 24-70 2.8
lens next. Or maybe I should get the 70-200 2.8, as your depth of field
looks shallower on a more telephoto lens, and even with the iris opened up,
not so much on wider lenses. Of course, with the 70-200, you probably
need rails to support the big heavy lens.....lots of stuff to buy.
But I like it...kind of reminds me of FCP when I was just starting.
The basics are easy, but there is a lot there to grow into as you
get better.