View Full Version : Kit lens - no focus assist?

06-15-2011, 10:14 AM
Maybe a RTFM moment here, but if using 'push auto' or auto focus, the focus ring of the kit lens seems inactive. I've only spend a little time in the garden chasing chickens this afternoon, but I'm not sure how much to trust the autofocus system.

The Z1 and EX1 have 'focus assist' modes - essentially, you focus on something roughly, and the lens drifts it in the final few increments. If the focus drifts, you can hoik it back or at least get the lens to 'focus its attention' on what you want, not the background.

The kit lens seems to have a very 'Vulcan' auto focus. If there's nothing in focus, it twiddles out to infinity, stopping if it finds an exciting edge or something. If it finds something to focus on near infinity, there is NO way it's going to be persuaded to autofocus backwards unless there's NOTHING in focus. If there's something sharp in the scene, it won't do anything. Its work is done.

So, you have to wave the lens at some foreground for a bit to make it re-examine the midground you want to focus on.

I had intended to rely on my manual focus Nikkors, but have enough situations where I'd appreciate some automation. However, if one can't correct any AF mistakes unless you actually switch it off or re-aim the camera, it's a bit of a chocolate teapot.

Has anyone got the AF to behave?