View Full Version : Fort Worth-Dallas film/video crew wanted for short projects in exchange 4 future help

04-18-2011, 10:17 PM
I have written a short script, 7 pages in length. And a story board of about 50 pages. But I can't do it all alone.

Let's collaborate and pool our resources in order get viable short projects done. This can be seen as useful experience and a film/video credit opportunity.This is not a paid offer.

The narrative: A man is guided in his nocturnal dreams by the voice of his audio book in the hope of accomplishing his ambitions. His reality (family, work) is a complete opposite of the voices' guidelines. Dream and reality converge, in his real world, to bring him to a decisive action.

This story is a play on the audio version of the book, "Making Ideas Happen", which is the number one selling ibook. It calls for special effects.

What I have: A Canon 60D, Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens, Fostex FR-2LE audio recorder, xlr cables, Rode NT-5 cardiod condenser mic, AudioTech 897 shotgun mic, 3'-10' retractable boom pole, 6'6" stand (plus grip) for boompole.

Equipment we need: Lighting equipment, another camera with a good lens (preferably for wide shots), green room capabilities (for dream scene), DSLR shoulder rig, dolly. Extras would be a sound mixer, on set video monitor, longer boom pole, wireless lav system.

Personnel needed: Director of photography. Sound - operators of audio equipment such as boompole, and audio levels on recorder. Someone familiar with post production sound editing. Lighting personnel. Video editing, Adobe, Avid etc).


The first plan on the agenda is to sit down and discuss the storyline, underlying and obvious conflicts of and between the characters (actors), and how the scenery, composition, shot selection and lighting should compliment the story's theme(s).

This piece calls for those interested in being on the set and applying their experience and/or vision towards tangible results.

What I have to offer in return: For those of you with good stories to tell but need the production equipment I have, we can get together to do your future short projects. I can also be helpful with writing, storytelling vision and themes.