View Full Version : Q and A with Peter Riegert

04-08-2005, 12:17 PM
Yesterday at the University of Utah Peter Riegert (Oscar, Traffic, The Mask) was giving a open Q and A about directing and acting to a bunch of film students. He said some pretty interesting things he had learned over the last 27 years since he was in Animal House. He is directing more now and he was touring with his film King of the Corner taking it from town to town because he was having issues with distribution. Anyway he was a big advocate of digital, even though he said the technical aspects were difficult for him, but he was excited to learn it. He mentioned several times that we should all be shooting digitally. Being an advocate myself I was thrilled to hear another "old Hollywood" actor/director saying that! He also talked about "stealing shots." He said that sometimes you can't get permission to shoot at a certain location, he said in those times you just hurry and get your shoot, and leave before you get caught. He showed us the first 10 min or so of his film and in one shot he gives a toll booth attendant some money. He said that just when he cut the shot, the attendant said, "You can't take pictures of us taking money." He said, "That's OK, we got what we needed!" It was a cool meeting and the film looked hilarious.

So my point is, sometimes even veterans do what they got to do to get their films made. Good luck out there!