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12-09-2010, 05:01 PM
Hey guys, could someone do me a favor really quick? I'm getting to the point where when I play back my T2i files on my computer, or files downloaded from the net, that they only look realistic when the player is resized to exactly 1/4 its original size, exactly 640P - which happens to be what these DSLR's both record for the crop mode with perfect results, and seems to be what the LCD's resolution is. I'm still on a kick where I'm wondering if these DSLR's use faulty technology to turn 640P files into 1080P files in attempt to trick us, or if my computer simply can't play back any files with a higher resolution than 640P properly, or if the 1080P files simply need a bit of sharpening in post to make them look like what I see when the player is resized. Personally, this is extremely important to me and is something I've been fighting and being aggrivated about since day one.

So if it's a possibility, could someone send even a small clip of something from your cameras that has been edited and exported optimally in post, to the standard that you'd 100% burn it to DVD or show it on a cinema screen? Something that looks absolutely crystal clear at 1080P on your computer? That way, I could either figure out very quickly wether it's my computer or wether someone needs to hurry up and sue Canon. Also, if you can, please include a screenshot file of what the video looks like on your own computer - a screenshot simply wouldn't change from one computer to the next!

P.S. I'm starting a thread about this because I believe alot of users here would devour this type of thing. And I just have this never ending feeling that somehow, these DSLR's record 640P files only and then use some sort of technology to put them in a 1080P wrapper and trick us. With all the aliasing that goes on, and the fact that both the LCD and crop mode is 640P, it actually makes sense. I've taken my crop mode files and stretched them to 1080P using the quicktime player, and it actually looks like the 1080P files I get from the camera! Conspiracy, if you ask me.

...or I simply just have a weird computer.