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12-05-2010, 04:16 PM
Hey guys, I am not familiar with DSLR cameras but I am very interested in getting one. I have decided that the T2i is probably the best camera for me after talking to some people but I am unsure about what accessories I should get. I have checked out some of the rigs that are on Zacuto and also Red Rock but I feel like they are too expensive. Does anyone have a specific set up that has worked especially well for them? Also, I have an HPX170 with a letus35 and a Nikon mount which i love but i dont want to have to stop using Nikon lenses. I heard that there is a converter that you can buy for the T2i, does anyone know where I can get one?

Thanks for your help!


12-06-2010, 04:00 AM
get some battery grip + 2 extra batteries (found on ebay for les than $70) +an extra charger (for $10 or less)
get a side grip for $8

a good 2.8 zoom (the tamron 16-50 or the tokina is ok) + its UV filter (about 20$ for the cheapest)

a screen protector (any for ipod you can cut) , less than $1 for a pack.

load some nice picture profile.
some decent video tripod (less than 250$)
for few bucks more don't forget to take an additional handle and quick release plate.

some SD cards and a case for it

a bit useless but sometime needed , an external monitor (liliput with HDMI input , less than $200)
+ a 12V battery pack + short miniHDMI-HDMI cable)

for sound Zoom H1 ($100) should be ok, but external recording is painful unless you get DualEyes (from singular)

for converter, on ebay you can find a converter for almost any lens ($15 or less)

get a cheap ipod and install some DOF and other DSLR utility on it (iPrompter, Field Tools, DSLR Slate)