View Full Version : Need help with a Washington D.C. shoot

03-10-2005, 07:35 PM
I'm shooting a doc about the Korean Comfort Women in Seoul Korea. There will be a hearing about this issue in Washington on March 22nd and will involve one of the victims I have been shooting for the last year. However, no one from our team can travel to Washington at that time.

We really need someone to shoot the demonstration that will be held out front and the arrival of the victims to the court, cutin shoots of the building, etc.

sadly, we can only offer screen credit at this time. our budget is low. we can of course pay a little stipend for the day which would include a little money for travel in washington, food and cost of the DV tape.

If interested please email me. This is very important.

The webpage is here...


email me at

angilmor@hotmail.com and anthony@namelessfilms.com