View Full Version : Haiti Project budget help.

03-07-2005, 08:59 PM
I'm working on a budget for a project I'm doing in Haiti this summer.
I want to hire a producer to help out with things throughout the

My thought is that it will be about a month planning here, 2-3 weeks
shooting in country, and then who knows how long in post.

I'm definitely paying people for this gig, but I may be somewhat
limited since it is funded by personal donors and probably a small

My initial thought was $2500 + expenses + residuals (if any). Am I
ANYWHERE in the ballpark on this?

There will only be 3 of us going (me, my wife, and this other person),
so expenses will be comparatively low (free lodging and everything
else is cheap).

The only other gotcha is insurance, but it's something else we'll have
to work out (probably standard travel insurance will do the trick).

Any advice anyone has on this list would be much appreciated.