View Full Version : Shot mostly on GH13, My son shot his first video

10-19-2010, 02:29 AM
Well heres the video.
90% of this video was shot from my son Anthony. I am very proud that he had helped me out since I have been disabled. I have 2 tears in my back and my wrist is shot. My son is 17 and I am ever thankful for helping me and the Director (customer) on doing so much of the leg work. The Video isn't the Greatest but the Director was happy with it and my son make him happy. I also have to thank my wife for driving me and my son and also taking some camera shots as well. I mainly deal with weddings, Documentarys, music videos since I cannot teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(First love & Passio) as of this time. So I hope some of you Enjoy it.
He has some photos at the end of him doing some work in the credits. Director wanted to include it since he did so much.