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09-21-2004, 05:05 PM
This may be more a poll than a subject, but here goes it...

Based on your system (processor, ram, program,and settings) about how long does it take to convert 1 hour of DV to MPEG2?

For MPEG2 I'm setting for 2pass VBR (4-7mb) and leaving the audio alone as aiff.

My slow set up is as follows:
Powerbook G4 550mhz 1gig Ram - I use 2 external, FW400 7200rpm LaCie drives for editing and compressing. I've found that writing from one physical drive (not partitions on the same disk) to another speeds things up a little. But...

For me to convert 1hr of DV to MPEG2 takes 10-11hrs(Oye!), using Quicktime because it seems a bit faster than compressor, and I'm not batching. *It's killing me now that I actually have a few things going on. I know steeping up to a dual G5 will save me untold hours but I'm trying to stay mobile. I'm also trying to avoid buying a new 1.5ghz Powerbook until after the January product releases hit.

So, basically I'm just curious, and trying to get a bunch of numbers in one place. Browsing the posts, I've found some times, but I'm looking to "chart" conversion times vs systems/software and weigh mobile vs. power. I know this is a bit general, and lots of things within ones video footage can affect compression times, but let's think color and lot's of action/movement/background changes.

I'm going to stop before I ramble, but you get the idea.

Thanks for any feedback whatsoever in advance.

D :-/

09-21-2004, 06:31 PM
Using a cheapo $600 Dell desktop PC, single processor Pentium IV 2.66GHz/768MB RAM, running Vegas 5.0, it converts one hour of DV to one hour of DVD-caliber MPEG-2 in about 70 minutes. Almost real time.

09-22-2004, 01:58 PM
3.0c @ 3.4c
2GB PC3200 Corsair
radeaon 9800 Pro
Creative Auidgy zs pro
74 GB WD Raptor
250 GB Hitachi SATA x 2
180 GB Hitachi IDE
Premiere Pro..

When exporting from premiere pro 1.5 using the Mainconcept MPEG plug-in i get about 45 fps +/-5 FPS for CBR@7kbps
35fps +/-5 fps VBR 4kbps - 8kbps it usually varies

but is most of the time faster than realtime with 24p footage and just a above realtime with 30p and 29.97

i am running minimal process in xp with sp2 installed
compression depends sevarly on the activity of the footage.

I would say average fps is about 28fps but spikes go up to about 75 fps,

i have also noticed faster renders in Procoder 2...especially with the premiere export....

hope this is what ure lookin for