View Full Version : PAL GH1: unlimited recording with the hack?

07-24-2010, 11:19 PM
Does the 30mins restriction stand with the hack?

MR Fanny
07-24-2010, 11:37 PM
patch it and your good to go. make sure you get a unit that is patchable though if you are not up to date with things.

07-25-2010, 12:26 AM
Patch removes the 30 min restriction AFAIK, but I believe there is a file size limitation of ~4gb when using 25p native checked high bitrate 1080p AVCHD?? There are already some threads on on it, I believe. Someone correct me.

I have not shot anything continuously for long time to check it.

07-25-2010, 11:19 AM
I have my PAL GH-1 set as follows:
Prevent version compare=Checked
Third-party battery=Checked
30min limit removal=Checked
Native 24p/25p=Checked
Video Bitrate FHD/SH=50000000
Video Bitrate H=32000000
Video Bitrate L=22000000
Overall Bitrate=52000000
Limiting Bitrate=60000000

I can record over the 4Gb limit (which seems to kick in around 38 minutes).

After 4Gb it seemlesly spans to another file, so for instance I'll have 0000.mts of 4,129,590kB size and then 0001.mts with another length.
Importing with the Panasonic FunStudio will give me a single .mt2s showing perhaps 45 minutes in length.
If however I delve into the folder that the FunStudio made with the shoot date, of say '2010724', I'll see a file called 2010724_160410.m2ts, which is 4,129,590kBs and another labelled 210724_160410(002).m2ts, which is the second (over 4Gb) file. The 160410 is the shoot time...good for editing when I want to sync with my separate audio files, which also (R-44 recorder) have start-times..
Do note however that if you get a card error and the file can't be played 'in camera' then that file also won't be recognised by FunStudio.
However the file will almost certainly exist on the SDHC card and can be imported directly from the AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM folder on the card.
Although it will remain an .mts file with no metadate added (ie it's just say 0002.mts) it's playable in video editor software like Premiere etc.
Don't bin the SDHC card files until you've checked them!
Interestingly the .m2ts files 'date modified' details that show up in Windows Explorer, when you have 'Details' checked (instead of say 'Thumbnails'), doesn't always match up with the time added by FunStudio. Both spanned files will have similar times though.
Now does anyone know how I can read the Panasonic metadata file so I can add the shoot time to those .mts files, that I manually added?

EDIT: A correction to the above...I can see a gap of about 12 frames between the 'sequential files'...so beware, you'kk lose something when you span the 4Gb limit.