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07-22-2010, 12:08 AM
So it has been a while since I have updated my progress on converting my family farm to the giant set for my forthcoming feature project. Let me go ahead and apologize for this post's length in advance. I just have received so much interest in this project that I don't want to short change the people curious of my progress on it.

I have been a bit busy building, painting, digging and all types of other energy zapping tasks.

So here is the mass update. :laugh:

First, for scripting sake, I have broken the property down into Alpha-numeric designations to hopefully make things flow a bit smoother as I plan my shoot days.


So a large portion of time has gone into the large garden I have put together in the village set I constructed. It is a history specific 3 sisters garden (corn, beans, squash) utilized by Iroquois natives for hundreds of years. The corn is at the center of the mounds, beans wrap the stalks up, and squash fills in the gaps between the mounds to keep the soil cool and moist like a living mulch. These pics are a few weeks old, and the beans have already sprouted and begun climbing the foot high corn. This has honestly been a cool process and it is nice to see it all grow up


I had to put a 9 foot fence up to keep out deer until shooting rolls around. Carrying 6 5gallon buckets full of water half a mile everyday during the drought we had for 3 weeks in NC SUCKED more than I can describe.


Next I wanted to finish the ceremonial circle at the wooded Shaman's lair that I constructed first. This is where the shaman performs a dark ritual turning the backstory hero into the antagonist of the modern day movie.


I felt like the center post was a little blah. So I drew out a design to play it up using the pictograph I designed for the antagonist of the story.

So, I had to debark the 15 foot pine stump, drill, paint, etc.

I can't wait to see the fire going in the stone urn at the top, and see how this set up looks hazed, and with the 48 inch fan blowing dead leaves and the haze around, as the shamans beats his hand drum around the circle. But for now I have the fun of cleaning my mess up, and arranging stones again.

Here is the sketch I drew up for the SFX makeup artist/ Creature designer who has signed on to the project. Granted this beast will be seen only in shadow and darting through the forest. I have decided to go with a less is best approach to this character, so strong lines, and menacing size (a 6'8" arena football player has been training with the movement/fight coordinator I have onboard) will make this character stand out.


Finally, I have begun molding a large 2 acre pond to suit my needs visually. I cant wait to see how this treeline looks in the fall when I shoot. It should be a nice mix of yellows, pinks, and reds.


I have been transplanting vines, planting some natural ferns, and debarking some felled logs around this area. A large stream bed runs beside the length of it, and is one of many areas to play up the primordial landscape for the shoot.

You can see some of the ferns along the floor of the stream bed beginning to grow.


My latest project is pressure washing this stream bed to enhance the root structure of the surrounding forest, and get it down to a 6 foot depth, so the hero of the movie (5'5") has his height, or lack thereof pronounced by this landscape as he goes on his mission to find the beast. This particular section leads to a nice 10 foot waterfall (though the drought has it at a unimpressive sprinkle :undecided


So now that brings me to my current stress.... searching for the rest of my crew, securing funding for the project, and casting. I have a long two months ahead of me before I begin shooting, but it is really starting to come together.

Also, per Sadmax's suggestion to a question I asked him about how someone can take work, like what I have been doing the past few months, and try to launch a career in creative/artistic design. He suggested it might be something others would be interested in, so I'll ask it again.

Sadmax, considering you have seen key pieces in the breadth of work I have put into the set design and artistic design of this project, how could I transform this work into a chance for me to design for others projects professionally?

I hope I didn't put anyone to sleep. Thanks for taking the time to view my update.


07-22-2010, 08:18 AM
awesome work, definitely makes me feel lazy :P keep updating as you work

07-22-2010, 08:30 AM
Carrying 6 5gallon buckets full of water half a mile everyday during the drought we had for 3 weeks in NC SUCKED more than I can describe.
Okay, not to take away from anything else you've written in this excellent update, but... having lived in NC for four years, with the humidity and all, I just have to say that the line you posted up there had me laughing until I nearly fell off my chair. I can't even begin to imagine just how awful that must have been, and to have done it for 21 straight days... unbelievable. You must be in pretty good shape now though!

08-09-2010, 10:52 AM
This looks awesome! The amount of work you have put into this project is seriously inspirational and I now feel like a lazy bum for not having the dedication you do. I really really hope this project turns out well for you because you definitely deserve it.

But aside from the hard work you've done, you also obviously have some serious talent. If you keep working so hard I wouldn't be surprised if there is a career in production design for you in the future.

Keep us updated!

08-09-2010, 11:34 AM
Wow, this is dedication to a vision! Molding a pond? Interesting. Keep posting!

08-12-2010, 06:28 PM
Hey this is looking great. Love all the progress you've made.

I don't know much about how this could help you get a job in production design, but I think all the pictures you've been taking will definitely come in handy. A portfolio with before and after pics, and things like your monster sketch, will probably be a good showcase for your talents.