View Full Version : Pixelated Mpeg file from footage shot with "D" settings firmware hack?

06-26-2010, 08:13 PM
Hey everyone. I updated the firmware on my GH1 to the "D" settings and shot some footage. I then transferred the footage onto my comp using the USB cable that came with the camera. I went into the "Private" folder and then into the "Streaming" folder and copied the Mpeg movie files onto my computer and played them using Windows Media player and they look like crap! The dark areas are heavily pixelated. This can't be normal. It doesn't even look SD let alone HD. Did I copy the wrong movie files or is it maybe a codec issue with Media Windows player? Please tell me my 1080 Native 24p footage isn't going to look like that! How do I fix this? I don't have Premiere Pro CS4 which has native AVCHD support, I only have Premiere Pro CS3 which doesn't have AVCHD support. How can I watch my 1080p footage the way its supposed to be seen?

Joe Calabrese
06-26-2010, 08:28 PM
Don't watch the files files: 1.) in that format, or 2.) in Windows Media Player. Properly transcode them in Premiere Pro, edit, and export to your desired format. That should fix it. Its probably just the fact that media players (any of them) don't really like that kind of format.

06-26-2010, 09:08 PM
Thanks, Joe. I only have Premiere Pro CS3 which doesn't have native AVCHD support. Is there any free transcoding software that will allow me to edit my files on Premiere Pro CS3 without losing any quality or resolution?