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06-22-2010, 09:42 AM
The Problem:
No money and/or “I just need X and I can't find it!! Its so lame, I just X and I can't find it.” (example that comes to mind a "cool corporate elevator" I needed for a spy to come out of, 1 freaking shot!)

The idea:
Many cameras including iPhone OS4 now can attach geo locations to the pictures. We take pictures of cool locations (I already do) then upload them to a common place (Picassa album?) or if someone is more interested make a site for it. You then tag and describe the locations.
Underground Parking Garage
Venice, large underground parking garage, 150ish yards long, bright florescent lighting, parking $8/day, no attendant can see underground, fairly busy w/ traffic, quiet when no cars

What’s needed:
I’m willing to help organize people who want to do this and re-shoot a few locations I know of around LA with geo location information. I’m not looking to make/manage this site/page per-say as I don’t care THAT much about this. Film-making is just a hobby for me and VFX is my profession.

I imagine at first it will mostly benefit the guerrilla filmmaker who would start building the data base but could eventually be a resource for real productions too. Professional location scouts could have private maps or like west site rentals show 1 image in the search that then says “contact so-n-so location services”.

I don’t see money involved in this as it would be a free data base and on the fringe of legal (shoot here for free until they kick you out!)

I’m posting this idea here, originally posted it at rebel cafe. What do you guys think? Good idea, can it work?

Sad Max
06-22-2010, 12:54 PM
It sounds like a cool idea but you might want to consider whether a site that could be described as promoting and enabling trespassing is something that you want to be involved with.

All it takes is for one guerrilla crew to break something, break somebody, get hurt or - depending upon where they are - even get caught and bingo, everyone involved has potential problems.

Unless the site is intended to be for above-board use of the locations. But the 'no attendant can see' bit leads me to conclude otherwise.

06-22-2010, 01:26 PM
true. that'd all work have to be worked out, I suppose on the simplest level it could be just locations, tagged and search-able. Then its the filmmaker who's responsible for it's use, weather contact the owners or sneak in for a shot or two... but yeah you're right, it can't say thing like "no cops" hah.