View Full Version : Exploding a Car for FX!!

03-29-2010, 01:27 PM
Hi, I need to sort this out quickly, so hopefully you can help.

I'm planning on blowing up a car for an action film I'm about to produce. I need help.

Long story as short as possible: I just completed my B.S. this past week, have a few months of free time, and am going to shoot an action flick of sorts. My car was stolen last week and recovered yesterday. Repair costs are more than the car is worth, and my insurance sucked and gave me nothing. So, I'm thinking about blowing it up for the sake of my movie. It's drivable right now too, so that's a big plus as a prop before the boom.

Has anyone here successfully organized/executed a pyrotechnics fx shoot in the bay area? (I'm in Santa Cruz, CA.) Do you know of a pyrotechnics company or group that might be able to help? Or do you know where I can legally purchase dynamite? Permitting via the state/city where the action will happen likely isn't a problem as I've been through the process before and have my name in the database...

I need to know if it's feasible/legal to blow it up by the end of the day... (the car is in the shop waiting for an okay or denial of service.)
I'll decide if I want to actually do it by the end of the week or so.

Thoughts? :)