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12-31-2003, 06:46 AM
Since quite a while i am considerung the pro and con of the following listed Cams for travelling run and gun documentories:

PD170 for low light and good auto functions and qual audio, excellent picture, wide lens included (hiss problem again!!)

DVX100A: superb picture cinelook and superb sound, low light at least at 25p (Pal) no good, at 60i exceptable ! ??

PDX10: True16/9, unsuspicious, low light less goodfor the size, auto functions and the true 16/9 (how good is it, any experiences) how good is the pic quality

VX2100: good low light, build in mic more unsuspicious

Main decisional consideration are fluctuating around low light, handling in nonsrcipted settings and picture quality (cine Look, 16/9).
I'm shooting sort of (self)experimental roadmoviestyle biketraveling docu, so lots of landscapes, roads, people..dust, temperature, gravitational impact
I appreciate any hint or comparative glue concerning the handling of these cams in nonscripted settings.
Mic will be ME66 or MKH 419. I had a TRV 900 for 5 years now, half smashed and rotten by now.

Thanks and Happy New Year


12-31-2003, 07:57 AM
If you are on a bike.. I say smaller the better.. The PDX10 or Panasonic has a new ??-30 model that looks like a mini DVX100 that I tried out at DV expo, and it seemed like a good solid little camera.

Neil Rowe
12-31-2003, 08:00 AM
..dvx100a -no contest..does everything the others do very well in 60i (yes..low light is fine + also has gain up in progressive modes unlike the non "a" model.. if your shooting in a rat hole or somthing with 24p) and you can set 60i to the variable cinegammas as well, and then you've got a whole new world with the 24p otions. *but.. really rent one and see if they can pry your hands off it. *cause asking a forum consisting of dvxusers/owners/operators, and hopeful future dvx users what camera they would choose is kindof silly.

but as i believe Noah Kadner once roughly said "simply the fact that entire forums and websites exist for this camera alone must have some sort of desiscion making weight" *the popularity, and diverse uses of the dvx in modern cinema and television as well as independent productions is really amazing... and for good reason.

agreeed with zoom though. i wouldnt pedal around with the dvx.. id go for somthing smaller and more expendable.

01-02-2004, 09:19 PM
i just went through the exact same thing myself...

i wanted a camera for making run and gun type documentaries, many of which will be of a travel sort...

i lamented over the dvx-100/pd-170 decision and the look of the footage shot in 24p was just too good.

i did a lot of playing with the camera in low light because almost immediately after getting it i was having second thoughts because so much of what i'm going to do will be in unfamilar, uncontrollable locations, often in low light.

i was able to shoot amazing footage in a barely lit parking lot with some simple settings i got from people on here and dvinfo.net/conf

shutter at 24 and iris open. F5 (on a dvx-100a)

i am still going to experiment a bunch more, but so far it looks great to me!

i am starting my first documentary next week in miami so i'll know a hell of a lot more about the dvx-100 after 10 days of shooting with it than i know now.

i'm using an me-66/k6 mic mounted on top of the cam with an at-8415 with senn evo 500 wireless.

i just opened a ups box with a mini-rover to stabilize and distribute the weight a bit.


01-25-2004, 08:47 PM
Here's a nice link to an online travel documentary site.
No prizes for guessing what camera this guy uses. Interesting tips too on how little gear he carries.