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02-23-2004, 06:19 AM
Has anyone done a two-camera shoot with a DVX and a Sony PD-150 or 170? I'm considering buying the DVX for a year-long documentary but the people I hire to shoot with me will most probably have Sonys.

02-23-2004, 07:24 AM
don't do it.

i did a live concert dvd last year with 5 dvx's in 24p mode and one pd150.

the sony stuck out like a sore thumb...

it won't match, but maybe you could use the dvx for "b-roll"

good luck,


02-23-2004, 10:35 AM
Well, yeah, but that's not how you should mix those cameras -- you can't successfully mix 24P and 60i and have them intercut seamlessly. If you're shooting and cutting with PD150's, you should use the DVX in 60i mode.

They won't look exactly the same, but they should intercut just fine, especially if you're shooting at different subject sizes (i.e., DVX for wide shot and PD150 for close, etc).

02-23-2004, 11:09 AM
Thanx. I wasn't planning on mixing formats. In fact, not knowing what the lighting will be in advance, I almost have to shoot 30i to take advantage of the gain. But I would like the option of two cameras shooting the same face from two angles. Doesn't sound like a good match. Maybe I can tweak it in Final Cut.

02-23-2004, 12:34 PM
You could probably get a decent match between them. Calibrate the cameras on a monitor with a/b inputs. You can use the custom preset on the PD150 and the image controls on the DVX to adjust the picture quite significantly, I'm guessing you'll be able to get a very good match indeed, as long as you're sticking to 60i.

02-25-2004, 09:07 PM
It's not a given that the other folks you shoot with will be using PD-150's!!! Most of the markets I have worked in in the past six months I can always find a DVX owner!!! Just last week in Madison, WI I found a guy with a DVC80 and since that shoot was 60i, no sweat.

Lot's of folks are putting the PD-150's on the shelf and buying a DVX!!!

I even found one in El Paso, Tx.

Or buy another DVX for your project and take it with...hire a shooter wherever you go!!! Then matching and care and handling will never be an issue!!! The price of the camera makes that very doable!!! Can't you charge rental for the second???

04-17-2004, 06:48 PM
Listen, for the price of a rental, you could put a second DVX on one of those low interest credit cards, and if you decide after the project you want to sell your second one, you probably could get about 9 cents on a dime for it off eBay. The counter assures how much use it got. I can't believe how much DVXs sell for on eBay, not much cheaper than new. The difference between what you would pay new and what you'd get for it on eBay is less than it would cost to rent one for a few days.

05-20-2004, 11:24 AM
We had a shoot with a bunch of PD-150's and 1 DVX in 24p mode. We used the DVX for b-roll and it turned out looking great. If you pay attention you do see a lot of that on MTV and other stations. I would do a test check it out and see what you think for yourself...let us know what you decide to do. Good luck..

06-20-2004, 03:37 PM
lol hi guys,
I was exactly debating this few weeks ago. Since I'm doing lot of commercial spots and music videos I decided for dvx and ocassionaly rent out sony.

Btw sound dog: r u based in EP..Cauze I'm here too..so there might be two of us using dvx ...lol just kidding. I'm sure there is more of us. Btw some local AD Agencies also switched from XL1 to DVX for their commercial production.

my 2 cents. Michal

07-02-2004, 08:51 AM
we used a pd150 as a D camera in a little feature shot with the DVX's.. couldnt use a single shot from the sony, but as Barry mentioned it was 24p vs 60i. I thought of running it through magic bullet but never got around to it.

07-08-2004, 12:48 PM
We use Sonys exclusively until this week when we got our first DVX. Now I have a PD 150 and a 170. Interestingly the 150 and 170 are different too. My initial impression of the DVX is that it will be very different.

There's a BBC show called GlobeTrekker which is an EXCELLENT show. Its a travel show and they use super 8 footage for establishing sequences when they travel, and video for the host stuff. It works really well. Probably because the travel stuff is cut differently to music and has a totally different feel.

As the owner of a midsize production company since the 80's, I'm pondering these questions too. My gut so far is not to try to make them match, the Sony has more color and contrast than the DVX. But then there are the custom tweaks on the Panasonic.......

Also, it is my experience that you are not going to get hired by any Sony directors with the Panasonic and vice versa. That's why we finally bought the DVX: one of our network broadcast clients kept asking for it and I felt I would lose the account if I couldn't deliver it. For $3500 its well worth the money!