View Full Version : pre-production screenplay

03-04-2005, 01:14 PM
i'm currently kicking off pre-production on my first doc (ok, first anything really) and am trying to put together a first draft of a preliminary screenplay. the way i intend to work it is to write two screenplays; the first will be based on what i want to cover topically and the ppl i know i'll be interviewing etc and will be used to inform the shooting process, while the second will be based on the actual footage i get and will be used to inform the editing process. so i guess my questions are these:

1) is that generally the way it's done? that seems to be the case from my admittedly rather cursory internet research... any alternatives/modifications/tips?

2) how detailed should the first screenplay be? how important does it usually prove to be? what have your experiences been in terms of the final product having any resemblance to that first screenplay? would i be better off trying to make it as detailed and true-to-my-vision as possible, or really just aiming for and accepting a rough outline that'll inevitably grow into something rather unexpected?

thanks! (so glad to be ending my days-of-lurking...!)