View Full Version : 'Chrysalis' Music Video Shot on 7D and GH1

02-18-2010, 04:00 PM
Posted a teaser a few weeks back to this music video I shot for Canadian band cultureDef.

Below is the full version.

They're working with Randy Bachman of "The Guess Who" fame, so hoping that we'll actually have budgets for future vids!

Took 3 times to get YouTube to upload it properly, but better late than never.

Anyways feel free to tear it apart, rate it, share, or be completely ambivalent.

I have to go shoot an event otherwise I'd post more info, but I'll answer questions tomorrow!

Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS
Lensbaby 2.0
20mm Pancake Lens
Canon 17-55mm 2.8 IS

Also used a DIY snorricam and an indislider.


02-18-2010, 05:42 PM
Awesome job man! Can't wait to see some more of your stuff and would love to work with you one day!

Keep up the ass kickery,


02-18-2010, 06:15 PM
wtf was that?

I am absolutely beside myself, and asking the question why you aren't on a plane as we speak being flown to LA. You're going very far places Rory.

Seamus McFlannel
02-18-2010, 07:45 PM
Great, great job. I don't like music videos much any more, but this one caught my eye.

02-18-2010, 10:20 PM
Just one thing, at 42 seconds the logo on the drum wiggles too much.

02-18-2010, 10:54 PM
I really appreciate it guys. I've never shot a music video before and don't watch them as much as I used to. So I only wanted venture into the process if I really liked the song and could put my stamp on it. The band is really cool and supportive and we're gonna do a couple more low budget vide. Hopefully we can pull off a good vibe again.

I've toiled in obscurity the last couple years making a feature on my credit card and finally got the itch to shoot again while I wait for sound and vfx to be completed. Probably spurred on by these little cameras that open up a lot of creativity on limited time and budget.

Having said that if someone wants to fly me to LA to direct a music video for a song I don't like in exchange for a career I'll take it lol.

02-18-2010, 11:01 PM
Not quite sure what you mean by it wiggles too much? The logo itself or the whole shot? On my iPhone so viewing it on YouTube on here I can't really see what you mean.

02-18-2010, 11:06 PM
It's really garbled but i think I know what you mean. Mask I had on there might have messed up a bit on export. I'll fix it for when I eventually throw it on vimeo or something. Need to sit in font of fcp and scrub the timeline.