View Full Version : Ok I'm seriously about to flip out...

03-28-2004, 08:51 PM
I've been sitting here for hours trying to composite something onto my 24p standard footage in after effects. the footage was captured directly from the dvx100 in vegas video 4.0e. i have tried all different interpretation settings on the footage. what framerate should the composition be? what framerate should the imported footage be interpreted as? what framerate should i be rendering at? the main problem is that once i put the rendered footage back into vegas i get a rough sort of pixelation as if no pulldown were applied. even though its being applied.

if someone could just direct me to or post a zip file with a small 24p clip and their after effects project file with some sort of animation going on it would really help me figure out what settings i need to use. thanks a lot.

03-30-2004, 12:44 AM
YOur problem is most likely the codec that you are using when rendering your footage from after effects. Your after effects project should reflect the file that you are bringing into it, ie. if you rendered from vegas at 29.976fps or 23.98fps. As far as brining the footage back into vegas, that is where I have run into problems. One would think that you could just re render using the quicktime dv-ntsc codec (24p) and some say that they have had good results with this. I on the other hand have had horrible results from the dv codec rendered from after effects. I would reccomend if you are only doing a short clip, render it to an uncompressed avi or quicktime and save yourself a recompression cycle. or if it is longer try the motion jpeg codec in quicktime. I use it all the time and get wonderful results, there is absolutly no resolution loss and things come out just as sharp as they went in. The file size will be about the same as a dv compressed file so it will save you if you have a long file that you are using.