View Full Version : 7D Newbie questions

01-31-2010, 01:19 PM

I'm going to shoot some parts of a music video with a 7d in a couple of days and since this is the first time i will be shooting with this camera I have a few questions. I will also do some tests with it prior to shooting but it never hurts to ask.

1) What latitude can I expect from it (and is it equal, like 3+ stops up and 3+ stops down from medium gray?) and at what ISO. Is it similar to the RED camera in like having a nominal sensitivity at which the sensor works and renders images and color best ?
1a) Using daylight balanced light renders better results than tungsten ?

2) I've seen people suggesting using some flatter picture profiles so that you get more latitude. Are these the profiles that come with the camera (if so which ones? ) . I've read about a superflat profile created by others. Is this ok or is it to exageratted ?

3) I will be shooting mainly slo motion at 50 or 60p . which one is better for editing considering my playback speed is 25fps. Are there any particular problems that I should be aware of when shooting slo motion ?

4) I will be putting the camera on a Merlin steadicam (without vest). Has anyone tried this with this camera . Are the results acceptable ?

this is about it.