View Full Version : Can Cross-Eye effects be created in AE

01-12-2005, 06:45 AM

I'm after creating a cross-eye effect on actors in post that looks realistic? Is there any software that can achieve this. My NLE is Premiere Pro, so if anyone knows of compatible software or a way of achieving this effect, let me know...


01-13-2005, 07:23 PM
here's one possible method, presuming you are using the pro bundle of AE. Create a null object and apply AE's tracking to it, using the eyeball as the source for your track - which should be pretty easy since it is near black surrounded by white. Create an adjustment layer and parent it to the null layer - now the adjustment layer should be tracked to your footage. Apply the "mesh warp" tool to your adjustment layer (set at a higher grid level like 10X10 or more) and use it to "nudge" your pupil over a touch. Since it is tracked to the footage, you won't have to hand animate much if any.

Tracking with a null and parenting is a good way to go because then you have an isolated, master "tracking" layer that you can then parent other things to. It's easier to change things in one compact layer than having to bounce all over and tweak several layers.

May not work, but let us know how it turns out!